Oct 08

Resplendence: Feuille 17


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Oct 08

Resplendence: Journal 7

When I told you about the Gold Lady kicking Dr. Marcus’s ass in his Banker’s Hill Home, I mentioned how she and the Man with the 4-Way Hips were coming to the hospital and they were taking me away to Santa Monica. Nothing has happened since. Edmund thinks this makes me another silly faggot who does nothing with his life and somehow thinks someone is going to discover him for the talented person he is without doing a goddamed thing about it. Edmund has often asked me, “Are you holding out for kept boy status?”

Of course not. I just want to live with my friends. When splendor comes, I will leave this place. Roger got it into his head that the Gold Lady will magically manifest herself on the lawn and that she will appear to all. I told him she hasn’t shown up yet in her Mercedes and that she will make an appearance in her own time. Unfortunately for me, the Gold Lady is busy gallivanting around the world with the likes of Robbie Williams, David Bowie, and Madonna. There has been endless gossip on the phone about what’s been going on her life, but not a chance for me to ask, “When are you coming?”

I’m tempted to call the press, tell them I’m a source close to the Gold Lady, and dish the dirt. Trust me, honey, there is a lot of dirt. I asked the Gold Lady if she was the beautiful black woman I saw in a red dress while I was in Santa Monica, and she said, “No.” I then mentioned the woman said Toshio on the phone and the Gold Lady told me she could not have been walking down Santa Monica Boulevard because she was in London that weekend.

I told her I tried calling her while my brother and I were driving up to L.A. and all the Gold Lady could tell me was that her phone was out of service. Oh, please! I know all about her and Toshio Tokage meeting at a café. I could not find her because I was too busy shopping with Dylan to notice her.

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Oct 08

Resplendence: Feuille 16

In this music store there are headphones so you can listen to a CD before you buy it. I saw Radiohead’s Kid A by pair of headphones, so I put them on and listened to the first track. The music was kind of weird; the guy sang kind of funny, and there were a lot of weird and spooky sounds, but I think I could like it. I think it’s the kind of music Kid A would play himself, and if he played this music, I would say it sounds like he misses the Gold Lady.

When Kid A was studying at Tokyo University, the Gold Lady was his girlfriend. She inspired him when he did his MFA thesis, which was music about her, but they broke up because Issey Miyake discovered her and she became very famous. It would be years before he became famous as well.

As I said before, he must be famous because Radiohead named their new CD after him. I really like “Idiotheqe” because any discotheque that doesn’t have the Gold Lady dancing in it must be stupid. The words, whenever I understand them, don’t make a lot of sense, but it’s groovy nonetheless. The last song, though it’s weird and spooky like the rest, is beautiful like classical music, and it makes me want to draw pictures of the Gold Lady and Kid A with lots of color, kick ass color, and it makes me feel sorry for the Man with the 4-Way Hips because he will feel left out, because the Gold Lady and Kid A were lovers long before the Man met the Gold Lady.

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Oct 08

Photo Lab for iPhone

Yesterday, I mentioned the CameraBag application for iPhone. I downloaded Photo Lab, which has some artistic filters one can apply to the photos on your iPhone. The options range from simply adjusting the color to rendering the image as a line drawing. For $2.99, there are 20 filters and it’s easy to use.

To show some of the effects, I used a picture I took of my friend Jaylen. First, here’s the original photo taken with iPhone’s default camera app next to one with the Auto Correction filter applied:
Jaylen (original) Jaylen Auto Correction
Left: Original. Right: Auto Correct

Jaylen Posterized Jaylen Saturated
Left: Posterized. Right: Saturated.

Jaylen Line Art Jaylen Line Art with Color
Left: Line Drawing. Right: Line Drawing with Color.

Jaylen Stencil Jaylen Sculpture
Left: Stencil. Right: Sculpture.

UPDATE: While I enjoy using Photo Lab on my iPhone and tweaking the photos with it, the app has crashed on me a lot today. Please, developers of this fun product, please work things out so that there are less crashes. I will less likely bitch and moan and scream ‘FAIL!’ if you do.

Oct 08

Twiggs on Adams & Idaho

Twiggs has recently opened a new location on Adams Avenue and Idaho. It’s a new haunt of mine and I’ve taken a couple of pics, with my iPhone, of course:

Twiggs, Adams Ave
Twiggs in the late afternoon.

Liquor Store across from Twiggs
Across the street from Twiggs, the liquor store.

Liquor 2
The liquor sign, very Americana.

Oct 08

Resplendence: The Gold Sutras

He wrote The Gold Sutras
a collection of electronic hymns
buzzes and whirrs
automated drumbeats
noises taken out of context
to command the listener
to have reverence for the Gold Lady.

©2001-2008 shindotv

Oct 08

ShindoTV’s 12seconds

I haven’t used 12seconds much until last night, where I got a little too carried away hanging out with Melodie and Jennifer at Lestat’s. I’ve included a couple of moments of sheer dorkiness, of course.

Live from Lestat’s (featuring Melodie and Jennifer):

Live from Lestat’s on 12seconds.tv

Shindo does Smeagol Gollum:

Shindo does Smeagol Gollum on 12seconds.tv

Lightsaber App:

Lightsaber App for iPhone on 12seconds.tv

Oct 08

CameraBag for iPhone

You can’t always say you get what you pay for with iPhone apps. Some of the best ones are free while some of the paid apps are utter FAIL (such as allRadio). Given that, I paid $2.99 for the CameraBag, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The iPhone’s default camera application is simply point and click. There isn’t much one can do with the “camera” besides have a steady hand and shoot. With CameraBag, that part is still true, but there are several options to manipulate the image for a “vintage” effect.

Here are some examples of the effects offered by CameraBag:

Jaylen in cardigan
Jaylen in “Lolo.”

Amber and Julie infrared
Amber and Julie in “infrared.”

Amber in vintage photo
Amber in “1974”

Sharon and Brian B&W
Sharon and Brian in “1962”

Casey in “Helga”

Oct 08

Obama, Endorsed by ShindoTV

If he’s good enough for Senator Hillary Clinton and former Secretary of State Colin Powell (and scores upon scores upon scores… of people), Barack Obama is good enough for ShindoTV.

I don’t know what to make of “Obama is my bicycle,” but I’ve Obamafied my iPhone with his app, which is absolutely fabulous.

However, a presidential candidate gracing my iPhone is not enough. My birthday’s coming up, and I want a good birthday. Actually, four years better than the last eight would even be better. Change is no longer a buzzword. It is imperative.

Vote for Barack Obama for President this November 4.

Oct 08

Some random updates about Shindo

My blog’s recently been on autopilot with serializing Resplendence and it’s been a while since I’ve done a Shindo-centered post.

Even though I ultimately chose not to do it last year, I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo this November. I’ll post sections of the work on ShindoTV whether or not I put the stinking badge on my page. I can’t guarantee greatness here, but it should be fun.

I’ve given a great deal of thought to this over the past couple of years. I’ve more or less fell into teaching college English by default and I’ve had plenty of ups and downs with the profession, whether it was pay or how I felt about teaching. Ever since I’ve gotten my MFA, I’ve had given some serious thought about what other field I’d like to work in, find some satisfaction, and some stability. Last Thursday, I applied to the Master of Library and Information Science program at San Jose State University. One good thing, if I get into this program, is that I could take a lot of the courses online.

While I’m not a certifiable news junkie, I’ve been following this election. Sometime this week, I need to work out my voter guide. President – Obama, of course. Then there are some things specific for California and San Diego County and City, so I want to give the endorsments on those. I can safely tell my California friends to vote NO on Prop 8.

My birthday is coming up on November 7, a few days after Election Day. It can be a good birthday or a bad one. Please vote for people who won’t continue the frak-up that’s been going on for the past eight years, and don’t vote the the right wing propositions. Help me have a good birthday.