Sep 08

Remembering 9/11

Today is the seventh anniversary of 9/11, which is one of those days anyone can remember where they heard the news. I certainly can remember. It was a dark day for sure, wherever one was

I’m taking an online moment to remember those who died on the flights, those who were killed in the World Trade Center and the section of the Pentagon, and the firefighters and other rescuers.

All those deaths were regrettable, but what followed was worse. It was easy to see that 9/11 would lead to war after war. It was the boost a lazy president needed when his first year was going downhill. The talk of action and the “war on terror” and the pursuit of “terrorism,” whatever those terms meant, would define Bush and company and become the excuse they needed to infringe upon our civil liberties, such as the PATRIOT Act. That the Bush administration exploited 9/11 with such finesse is a definite atrocity, resulting in prolonged military actions and occupations, costing more lives and resources.

To the memory of those who died. Also, to their loved ones and those who survived the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks and the firefighters and volunteer workers who assisted in the aftermath.

Here, Keith Oberman blasts the GOP about 9/11™. Vid from Andrew, who also posted about the 7th anniversary of 9/11.