Sep 08

I’m so over it

Personally, I am tired of hearing Sarah Palin’s name. She’s been twittered and buzzed about all over the Internet over the past week. Now the print tabloids are picking up the slack, and you know if something’s in print, it’s old news.

I wish it were simple as ignore her and she and McCain would go away. Palin advocates an abstinence based education, yet what’s going on in her immediate family points to that it doesn’t work. Then campaign did something slicker than “Slick Willy” ever did, and turned they their scandal into a platform for Palin’s religious and ideological beliefs. Yeah, it’s really a pro-life message. Mmm hmm.

Please, McCain and Palin, go away. I’m doing my part at the ballot box to make sure of that and I urge everyone else who’s eligible to do the same. I just don’t want to hear those two names for the next four years.

Oh, and don’t even think of think of stealing the election – e.g. rigging votes, discounting them, disregarding entire disticts.

Here, Bill O’Reilly tries to flip-flop on his views on teen pregrancy, only John Stewart doesn’t let him get away with it. Thanks, Andrew, for sharing this vid with me.