Aug 08

She is the One Supreme Being

Divine Thing
Tune in September 1, 2008.

Aug 08

iPhone Photos Askew

Am I the only one who’s taking pictures where the perspective is warped on my iPhone? Perhaps I’m accustomed to the two-dimensional effect of conventional cameras, but from time to time, buildings seem out of whack. Here are some lovely examples:
5th and Washington, Hillcrest.

Ash Street towards the Harbor, Downtown San Diego.

Columbia District, Downtown San Diego.

This one almost seems to be in classical perspective, but is still a bit off:
Core District and East Village, Downtown San Diego.

Please tell me I’m not crazy.

Aug 08

What was Bebe thinking?

The window dresser of Bebe in UTC must have gone to lunch and went home for the rest of the day.

Aug 08

Coming This Monday to ShindoTV…

Original programming by yours truly.
Resplendence Square

Meet the Gold Lady, the fabulously fashionable Diva. She is the Supreme Being, and you’ll think about her all the time.

Meet Benjamin J. Nelson, the delusional young man who dreams her up. This is his story, even much more than that of the Gold Lady, told through art and writing.

Stay tuned. Resplendence premiers on September 1, 2008.

Note: Resplendence is rated NSFW.

Aug 08

Q: La Femme d’Or et la Nuage

Another prologue image of Resplendence. Stay tuned.

Aug 08

Money Future

The collage that started it all for Resplendence. Stay tuned.

Aug 08

iPhone Couture, Part 2

iPhone Couture, Part 2aI iPhone Couture, Part 2c

Sometime ago, I went Project Runway on an old tie and dress shirt. Last week, I lost the darn thing, which then compelled me to create another one. I still have enough remnants of the tie and dress shirt to make a clone, but it was much more fun to make it out of Okinawan textiles this time.

For the shell, I used a bingata fabric. This isn’t the traditionally hand-stenciled textile, but a more commercial one available in Okinawa. I got it from my mother, who in turn got it from a friend of hers who recently traveled to Okinawa.

For the lining, I used an old pair of jinbei shorts. I’ve had too many of these things growing up and even as an adult. I liked the fabric on one of them, a very soft material that looked like Okinawan plantain fabric without the itch.

This project went more quickly than the last, but I didn’t have issues I had with the tie fabric this time. Plus, sewing went much more smoothly and this one is prettier.

iPhone Couture, Part 2aII

Aug 08

I’m sure Christopher Robin would eat this…

I don’t think he’d eat the sushi. I’m sure Christopher Robin would eat what’s below.

Winnie the Pooh Curry!
Just when I think I know what to expect going into a Japanese supermarket, I am sometimes very surprised by what I see. I generally expect to see sushi, odd Japanese softdrinks (even with cutesy characters) and instant curry rice stew. Yesterday’s unexpected item was Winnie the Pooh Curry Rice. Even though I haven’t tried this one, I know it will taste like every curry in a boiler packet I’ve ever eaten, even on the mild side.

Winnie the Pooh is just on the pacakage to get kids to eat curry. I doubt he’d eat it as he likes honey.

Aug 08

Hello Kitty drink

Hello Kitty Drink

I couldn’t think of anything Engrishy at all for the title. It takes a truly Japonic kind of mind to come up with that, and I’m not Japanese enough. Oh bummer.

Calpico*, a very popular Japanese softdrink, has co-branded itself with Hello Kitty. There’s something perversely fun about having the mouthless feline looking at you from the drink, but this pleasure is only limited to the half liter size. Unfortunately, the 1.5 liter bottle is simply a Calpico drink even though the flavors are the same. To bring to a party, it never hurts to take the smaller one as well in order have a conversation piece.

What would be even more fun is to throw in some alcohol. Lychee martinis are already trendy, but what about one that’s made with Calpico’s Lychee Flavor? Let Hello Kitty have a cut of the action. It should be fun!

*Calpico has its own language issues regarding its name as it’s also known as Calpis in Japan. Try saying it in English and you’ll quickly see why it’s packaged as Calpico in the US.

Aug 08

ShindoTV Can Has Cheezburger!

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